Passing my theory!

Swear this year has been the only year I've actually achieved things! So, this week on Saturday to be precise, I went to Worcester to do my theory test so, I can book a practical driving test. And, I passed it! 45/50 for multiple choice and 65/75 for hazard perception. Honestly, I'm proud of myself … Continue reading Passing my theory!


This week…

This week I've had half term so I've had a weeks holiday and spent it with mum, as well as trying to revise. Now we've gotten on really well this week, I've even started the gym! I had one incident, I was on the tricep machine and I accidentally let go and one of the … Continue reading This week…


I've mentioned Zoë a few times now. She's been on my mind A LOT lately. So I thought I'd shed some light on her. Zoë was born 25th September 1998. She had gorgeous dip-dyed hair, brown eyes and cute nose. She was gorgeous. So gorgeous. Zoë was amazing, such an amazing woman. She looked after … Continue reading Zoë