Crash Bang Wallop

Yesterday, last night at 9pm to be exact, I was driving home from a friend’s house. 
It was very very wet on the roads, driving home by myself, was in a 60mph zone and an animal ran infront of me. I tried to brake and move out of its way and the whole car just didn’t stop and swung around and crashed twice I can’t remember much detail. 

But, I’m so disappointed with myself that I wrecked something so big, and that if someone was coming the other way or following behind it could’ve been a lot worse.

I literally thought I was going to die. It took me a while to get out the car it was crashed into a hedge. 

I got out the car winded and just started screaming so hard. I tried ringing my parents, to neither were answering and my sister. I was in a state. So I had to phone my friend and parents then the AA. It was a long eventful night.

I’m just so so so lucky I’m alive, with no broken bones just bad bruising and whiplash. I’m so lucky I’m alive and so lucky no one else was involved or in the car with me.

I just hated seeing my parents so worried and upset, I know they can’t help worrying that’s what parents do. But I felt so helpless and didn’t know how to reassure. 

Count my lucky stars. Someone was watching over me. 

Cars are a death machine and I’ll never forget that. Never. 

I just never want to drive again. 

Yours sincerely,



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