Productiveness…is that even a word? Never mind, it is now.

Sooooo, between now and my last post…I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST FIRST TIME! With 4 minors! So dyspraxics can do it!

 I also booked a weeks long holiday to Tenerife with my best friend!

This year has actually been quite productive:

1. Got an unconditional at university 

2. Obtained a merit in my Grade 8

3. Passed my theory first time

4. Passed my practical driving first time

5. Booked a bloody holiday…ABROAD

One thing I have noticed is that dyspraxic people generally are very good at creative things such as, coding, knitting, art and music. And I think with me it’s music. I’m proud of myself to actually be good at something ahaha.

I’m so happy right now, that I’ve gained…actually gaining independence and actually been achieving something. Only my A level exams to go now! 

The only thing is, I wanted to go to university to get away from where I live and where I went to high school and certain people. Except…EXCEPT TWO…okay not just one…BUT TWO PEOPLE have decided to apply for the same university as me and I throughly dislike them. 

To make matters worse one of them is staying in the SAME accommodation as me as well as the SAME COURSE as me…now let me take a deep breath and smile.🙃🙂☹️

Of course, I can’t tell people what to do or where to go. I can only hope I don’t have to talk to them or be room mates with them, but I seriously wanted to get away from it all and no drama and new friends and people and not have to worry about anything. But it’s really bothered me…ugh!

Let’s hope September is actually better than I think it’s going to be.

Hope you people have had a lovely week.


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