Easter hols!

Happy Easter!

Bit late I know, but better late than never?!

So, me and my ex boyfriend are on good terms. He’s a lost soul and still doesn’t know what he wants or what’s going on. And don’t worry mum we aren’t getting back together any time soon. We are still talking frequently which I think is fabulous rather than being angry and moody and arguing constantly, causing yourself to be moody towards other people because of a petty argument. 

So I went to Edinburgh for a week…let’s say it was very cold. Whilst it was about 15 degrees where I actually live it was 9/10 degrees in Edinburgh ! So I was bundled up with my hoodie underneath my big puffer jacket.

Other than that, it was lovely to get away and be some where different with cool Scottish accents lurking about and different activities and tours to do!

So this week is the big build up to my 1st and hopefully only driving test 😬😬😬😬 I’m confident for it…but I don’t want to be too confident and ruin my chances😂. I NEED TO PASS!

This week has made me realise I have 4 months even so maybe less until I move out?! Which is crazy! But I feel so ready for it, and I hate change so this is something amazing for me ahahaha. I can’t wait at all! And I’m also booking a holiday away with my friend to Spain for July!!!!!! So happyyyyyyy!

Let’s hope I pass my test and find somewhere reasonably priced for this holiday!

Yours sincerely,



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