Passing my theory!

Swear this year has been the only year I’ve actually achieved things!

So, this week on Saturday to be precise, I went to Worcester to do my theory test so, I can book a practical driving test. And, I passed it!

45/50 for multiple choice and 65/75 for hazard perception. Honestly, I’m proud of myself for passing because I thought I failed and due to my memory being poor I thought it had all gone wrong.

So so happyyyyyyyyyyy!

This week has also been very mixed with emotions, I’m finally coming to terms that I finish school completely in 4 months, I’m 18 in 6 months, I move out in 7 months and it’s been a YEAR already since Zoë died. I’m excited about moving out though; no mum or dad shouting for me to get up or do some revision, my phone won’t be confiscated no more and FRESHERSSSS. I really hope that university is exciting as it seems at the beginning.

I want to make new friends as well as get a degree and start working and earning money as soon as possible.

In all honesty I wish my Grandma and Zoë were both alive, so I know whether I’m doing things right and if they still love me. I want Zoë here to grow up with her and see the beautiful young woman she was becoming, I want my Grandma here to keep Grandpa company again, I want to see her be so proud of me and reassure me I’m actually doing the right thing!

I can’t tell if this year has gone quickly or slowly and I don’t know if that’s a bad or good thing.

Next Saturday, I’m being re-assessed for my Dyspraxia so I can send proof I have it to university, I worried in case they find I have something else other than Dspraxia to be honest with you.

What I didn’t realise is how longs it will take to be assed as well as, how much!

Now, I thought it would be around £100-200  but no, it was £685 for a 3 hour assessment.

I had to answer some questions in preparation for the assessment and one of the questions was “do you find it difficult to write your thoughts and ideas onto paper?” Now as ironic as this may seem I literally didn’t even know how to write my response onto paper. That’s always been one of my problems; I can answer a question a teacher has asked, correctly and well speaking but writing it down it just doesn’t happen at all. That’s one reason why I prefer coursework!

I think the highlight of my week has been seeing Kings of Leon live in Birmingham! They were incredible, except my balance and co ordination was awful whilst trying to dance along I nearly fell over the rails beside my seat, as I was sat at the end of the row! So I kind of did a penguin wobble for the rest of the night to try join in.

Yours sincerely, Maddie🦁🖤


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