University here I come!

This week, has been very exciting.

So, Wednesday 8th February 2017 I had my interview for a Digital Marketing course at Birmingham City University.

At the beginning I had a conditional offer, now of course I was bloody thrilled to pieces to even have an offer!!!

So I grabbed my phone out my pocket and rang mum and dad which neither answered my call to. Suddenly I heard my name being called from behind, I looked behind and the man who runs the course was calling my name.

Dread and fear flooded my face with my thinking that he would retract the offer, instead he told me not to worry about UCAS points and that I have an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER!!!! (An unconditional offer means no matter the grades you obtain in your A Levels you still have a place.)

This may sound really egotistical but I’m so proud of myself for  1. getting on a train ALL BY MYSELF to Birmingham  2. Making it to the right place on time! 3. Getting any offer!!

It’s by far the biggest achievement for me, I’m so excited to move on and be independent and make new friends because I have very few ahahaha and to be having my own room without my mother screaming to get up😂.

Also, the university is by the centre soooo shopping here I come!!!

Also this week, my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. Yes, it sounds pathetic but honestly I couldn’t be even in the place that I am without him. So I still managed to try block out how upset and hurt I was and get an offer, oh yes we are back together 😬😁.

So this week has been a whirlwind.

Every Friday night I volunteer at Beavers. This week we were doing knots.

First tie/knot they had to do was tie a shoe lace into a bow…I cannot tie my shoe laces the normal way people do. So when a Beaver came up to me to ask how to do it I went pink as I was just thinking “crap!!!” So I just showed him my own way of doing it, but the Beaver was very confused as to why I did it a different way.

I just didn’t know how to explain how or why I do it in a different way.

It’s so weird how kids view you.


Yours sincerely, Maddie🦁🖤


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