Since I was a child…

When I was a young en’ I hated colouring in time.

You had to draw a picture and colour it in.

Now I loved drawing, but I hated colouring in. Whenever I tried to colour in I would always get so frustrated as I could NEVER EVER keep within the lines. No matter how hard I tried.

Learning to ride a bike was hard too, I was the only child in the village with stabilisers at one point.

Whenever I tried to ride a bike it looked like I was drunk and continuously falling to the ground. Eventually with intense practise and motivation from my dad, the stabilisers were finally taken off!

Now when I got to year 6 we had cycling proficiency.

I can remember my arms making the bike swerve, as I was so nervous. Me and my peers set off to complete our level 3 cycling proficiency by being assessed…and I failed by crashing into 4 of my peers in front.

I hate cycling, still to this day.😃😂

Tying my shoe laces was another difficulty along with tying my school tie.

1. I couldn’t remember the steps

2. The end and start of the laces and tie were just everywhere

3. I liked my velcros too much


Still to this day I struggle to tie my shoe laces, the ears are usually too big but at least it’s done up, until my gangly legs trip over another and undo the 5 minutes worth of lace tying. And with the tie tying, in high school the girls had shirts that didn’t require a tie and now, in sixth form you wear your own clothes. Fingers crossed to never wearing one again.🤞

Now the most embarrassing thing as a child because of my dyspraxia is that I didn’t stop wetting the bed at night until about year 4. Every night I would shamefully go into parents room very late at night, with my head down, to tell them about the mess I made. Everytime I would cry and say it’s an accident, because it was, I didn’t know why it was happening. So up until about year 5 I was wearing nappies at night especially.

In Kindergarten, nursery basically, all the other kids were out of nappies and as my parents changed me they all questioned of why I still wore a nappy.

Of course now, being 17 I can say I’m definitely out of nappies. Just to clear that up.😂

I’m not saying all children with dyspraxia will experience this, but it’s just a few obvious signs for me and that other people may recognise.
Yours sincerely, Maddie 🦁🖤


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