And here we are…

My mother has always hated people starting sentences or titles beginning with and…so here we go and here we are and I’m sorry mum if you’re reading this.😂

I’m Maddie Tudor. Short for Madeleine Tudor or Madeleine the Great or Madeleine the Godess. Please do not get my name confused by spelling it ‘Madeline’ as that is the French way – it is spelt as typed above ‘Madeleine’.

I am currently 17, living at home with my parents whom I bet are so grateful I’m still at home lazing about doing nothing to help tidy the house or contribute to the family…as mother says.

I’m mixed race but born and bred for most of my life in England other than the 3 years spent in Germany.

I decided to start a blog which I most likely will not update daily, as being in sixth form , learning to drive and revising for exams and saxophone exams take up  A LOT of time.

Yours sincerely, Maddie 🦁🖤


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