Sixth form is so tiring.

My brain takes most likely 10x longer than a non-dyspraxic brain to process and learn information and 10x more energy.

It makes me so tired so when I come straight back home from sixth form, all I want to do is sleep – but wait, there’s homework and coursework to do😢📚📚📚!!

What I’m trying to do is to also eat less sugar so I don’t crash and become more tired…but it’s so hard to stay away from doughnuts and pringles!!!!

I just about manage to complete homework and meet deadlines. But, sometimes I get too tired with no motivation to do it or because of my memory I forget! I really should write things down more often!

Standing up for long periods of time also tires me out, my muscles are very weak, mainly also because I don’t have enough time/can’t be bothered to go to the gym…so that’s also why I have bingo wings on my arms and can only lift a 1kg weight😬😬. Standing up makes me tired and that’s what annoys me is when people think I’m being lazy when I want to sit down or if my legs feel weak when it’s not that at all!

Even sometimes my mouth feels so tired.


Yours sincerely, Maddie🦁🖤


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