I have been learning to drive since September last year…and yes I’m still learning😂👍.

I have booked my theory for 25th February 2017.

Overall, my driving has been okay I haven’t killed anyone or crashed…yet. I’ve only just mounted a pavement😬.

The only thing I can pick out that’s a bit bad is my spatial awareness; it’s absolutely awful! So yes I haven’t crashed yet but it has been close!!

Sometimes I think I can squeeze through a gap and to other people it’s very clear I cannot! Or if I’m driving down a road that’s narrow with cars parked along the side I will drive very close to the the parked cars nearly clipping them, causing my dad to freak out in the car. Driving with dyspraxia takes a bit of getting used to, with multi-tasking with changing gears, knowing when to brake and how to turn windscreen wipers on and off😂.

So my parents thought getting a small car for me would help rather than the average sized long car.

They decided to buy me a 2013 Volkswagen UP! Which I must say is a cute but very good car! It tells you what gear you’re in and when to move up or down a gear, which is very helpful! It’s also smaller so it makes spatial awareness a little easier!

Let’s pray I pass my theory so I can take a practical! So dyspraxia isn’t that bad with my driving…yet! Famous last words.

Yours sincerely, Maddie🦁🖤


4 thoughts on “Driving!

  1. Louisa says:

    My son is 17 and dyspraxic. I have tagged him in your blog because i feel he would find it useful. The part where you talk about driving sums my son up! Its nice to know there are others sharing your struggle thank you for your blog.
    A worried mum

    Liked by 1 person

    • backfiredmaddie says:

      Hi Louisa!
      Thank you for taking your time to read my blog! It means a lot!
      Feel free to share it! I feel like sometimes it offers comfort, like no one is alone for others as well as myself.
      Yours sincerely, Maddie x


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