Applying to Uni…

I have applied to study Digital Marketing at Birmingham City University.

The course is so enticing; 100% coursework, free MacBook Laptop and only 2 years if you don’t do a masters. But…of course I don’t have 120 UCAS points I’m 14 points off!

What’s most frustrating is that GCSEs don’t count towards it, and as I’m terrible at exams I can’t get the grades that other people get that I envy.

Exams get me so anxious, I revise so hard it’s ridiculous, in order not to get the grades I want and NEED. Especially with questions being worded weirdly and difficulty these days it messes my thought process up and makes me so anxious and frustrated!!!

However though, as I was keen on the Open Day of BCU they haven’t offered me a placement yet but an interview to see my potential and aspirations!😄😬

My parents made sure that I put my dyspraxia down on the UCAS sheet to say that my predicted grades do not show my full potential because of dyspraxia.

I really really REALLY dislike it when my parents mention to teachers and people about my dyspraxia, it feels like they’re making an excuse for me. And I really don’t want to be looked down on or thought of as stupid or an attention seeker or just to get out of things, so I try to keep it to myself and not tell anyone.

For sixth form I moved to a different high school for it for change. And on my first sixth form parents evening I was in tears, because every teacher we saw said my organisational skills were basically crap…which is true and then my parents had to go on to talk about my dyspraxia. I honestly felt like they were talking as if I wasn’t there and making excuses for me.

Quite glad that my parents evening for my last day of sixth form now didn’t make me cry!👏🏼👍

I find it so hard to actually even recognise what is my dyspraxia and what isn’t!


Yours sincerely, Maddie 🦁🖤


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